The pouch when the drawstrings are tied.
During the previous year's Christmas enthusiasm, I was planning on making small pouches to give away some of our gifts, but the inexperienced crocheter I was, I underestimated the time it would take to finish the pouches.

To start with, I chose the wrong crochet thread for my pouch - it takes a lot of time to crochet a decent-sized pouch with cotton crochet thread! I also got caught up with stuff and couldn't even begin it in time!

So, instead, I decided to make it for myself. No hurry at all, though when it was almost over I couldn't help trying to finish faster. The gestation period was just so long!

In the end, it has come out rather nice, and has interesting texture. I am including a basic pattern that can be modified as you go along.

Purple = mine!
As mentioned earlier, I used to love playing with beads. I was looking for a way to marry my love for beads with my new-found love for crochet, when I came across this Easy Beaded Crochet Technique by Amy Solovay. I used that technique and created a few necklaces of my own.

Materials used:
Nylon thread for the base
Crochet thread for the accent
Appropriate crochet hooks

The 'V' is only prominent in the light. Perfect for a guy.
Before I took up crocheting, for a very long time I was an avid beader. I haven’t done much beading in the past few years, but still carry my bead box wherever I move. My projects were usually based on patterns and I’ve made a bunch of earrings, chains and bracelets and even a few purses. I’ve even made a few original chains which I shall put up pics later.

Anyhow, to the topic at hand: We had people visiting in Jan this year and with only one week to go before they left for home, I realized that while I spent considerable time and effort for the kids’ gifts, I hadn’t really given the couple anything!

The finished scarf

The final in my series of animal inspired scarves is this beautiful Weiner Puppy Neck Warmer by Randomheartx at Craftster. After seeing this scarf, I was actually inspired to start making scarves for my nieces. (I am including my modified pattern in the post.)

I love puppies and thought this was just cute!
However, I can rarely do something without adding my own twist to it. And that’s just what I did. Though, my final scarf looked a little like a mouse. The intended niece even asked me if it was a rat. I managed to convince her that it was a puppy because of the collar!

I’ve largely followed Randomheartx’s pattern, but just added a few more rows and changed stitches a little bit for texture.
Ready for the wearer!
After making those scarves for my nieces, my husband requested that I make him one too. Considering all the running around he did with me while we bought materials and approved/rejected designs for the earlier scarves, I decided he ought to be rewarded. The fact that we were currently going through a cold wave also helped things in his favour.

He ideally wanted a simple single crochet scarf (yes, he sort of knows the difference!), but I wanted to experiment.

After a lot of searching I settled on the Paul's "Sweet Guy" Scarf at Wolfcrochet!
I am finally putting down the pattern for the kitten scarf. It is very similar to the piggy scarf I’d posted earlier. I’m still waiting to get better pictures of the scarves as I have already gifted them.
Before ends were tucked in

Feel free to point out any mistakes that you find.
The pattern is listed below:

Craft: Crochet
Level: Beginner/Easy

1 skein of yellow 8-ply wool (Main colour; MC)
1 skein of orange 8-ply wool (Contrasting colour; CC)
button/safety eyes for the eyes
A little bit of black wool/thread for the whiskers/mouth
5 mm crochet hook
Fabric glue
tapestry needle

Note: You can use any weight of wool/yarn as you like. Local shops here do not really know the different types and stock them mostly as 4-ply/8-ply etc.