As I'd mentioned earlier, I decided to do the piggy scarf after being unsatisfied with the final material of my earlier scarf. The piggy was so adorable that I just had to make it! When I was done I was almost tempted to keep him for myself.

My completed scarf
This is my first pattern. So, if something doesn't work out, please ask. Feel free to point out any mistakes that you find.
The pattern is listed below:

Craft: Crochet
Level: Beginner/Easy

1 skein of light pink 8-ply wool
A little bit of darker pink
button/safety eyes for the eyes
5 mm crochet hook
tapestry needle

Note: You can use any weight of wool/yarn as you like. Local shops here do not really know the different types and stock them mostly as 4-ply/8-ply etc.

My version of the puppy scarf
I recently met my nieces for the first time this month. They're 9 and 2 and amazingly share the same birthday!

My husband and I had never met the younger one, while the elder one was a preschooler when her parents moved to the US. As a fledgling crocheter, I was looking for projects to hone my skills, while also coming up with personalised gifts for them. We decided to make scarves for the kids as they are easy and can be used even later. My pictures aren't very good as our cameras are horrible! Note to self: Buy a proper camera.

For the elder one I came across this lovely Wiener puppy scarf by randomheartsx on crafster (Click here for her pattern). I modified the pattern a little bit as I wanted to try out different stitches and give it a little more texture.

I recently quit my corporate job after spending about 5 years working as an editor. Before I even think of taking up something else, I'm rewarding myself with a few months of 'me' time. I hope to finish a few projects that remain unfinished since my wedding, besides showcasing a few new ones.
It feels so good to really put down your own words instead of just modifying someone else's!